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Yes, never fear followers! madsestmikkelsen (formerly ssareid) and I are still running the blog, but have been on temporary hiatus due to personal issues. However, it should be back up and running on track soon. Thank you to all for your patience and understanding.



I wish something big would happen to Morgan! (kidnapped, shot) It would be different!

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Ever since the Foyet story-arc, whenever I where a black sweatshirt, I think of him in 100. I have gotten rid of every black sweatshirt I own.

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I wish Hotch’s sense of humor was shown more often.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsaaron hotchner

I know that characters come and go, but I’ve never been able to look at the show the same since they killed off Erin Strauss.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionserin strauss

I have never liked Derek Morgan. He seems too high and mighty and I don’t understand why the other characters put up with him.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsderek morgan

I would love to have an episode where Gideon is the unsub.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsjason gideon

The father crying at the end of Mosley Lane always gets me. We rarely see the fathers of the victims cry as hard as this one did. That was exceptionally hard to watch.

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I relate to Reid the most, his character has really helped me deal with my fears of schizophrenia which is rampant in my family too. It’s just nice to have someone go through and deal with something similar.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsspencer reid

I have a feel Strauss ships Hotch/Prentiss. Just the way she was questioning Emily in 100. 

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionserin strauss

I miss Ashley! I think her father daughter relationship with Rossi was great.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsashley seaverdavid rossi

I hope we see JJ deal with what she went through in “200” and it’s not just glossed over. Because you can’t go through something like that and not be okay right away and I wanna see JJ handle it!

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I’m still hoping that Elle will come back for at least one episode or that they will bring her up in a conversation so we know what happened to her. Mostly I hope she got help and didn’t become an unsub herself.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionselle greenaway

I love the fight scenes they’ve given JJ lately, and I hope we get more of them in the future because we need more women on TV who do more than just look pretty.

criminal mindscriminal minds confessionsjennifer jareau

I don’t dislike Alex Blake, but her character is very forgettable. She might’ve been more noticeable if both Elle and Emily hadn’t been such strong and visible women that made you pay attention whether you liked them or not. Unfortunately Alex disappears into the background more often than not, and that’s a shame because she obviously has the skills needed for the job.

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