I’m fifteen and I would totally marry Hotch, even though he’s old enough to be my dad.

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In S4E14 “Cold Comfort”, Prentiss mentions that the idea of embalming creeps her out and that she’d rather be cremated. I can never help but think, despite me thinking it was real, that her “death” was obviously fake because she was buried.

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I don’t understand the Rossi vs Gideon thing. I think they were both amazing characters. They were both fascinating individual characters and they both added something to the team. When Gideon left I was sad but it seemed like the right time for him to leave. If they ever choose to bring him back, I’d welcome him with open arms but I wouldn’t trade Rossi for anything. 

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I adore Rossi and I ship him with EVERYONE. 

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I really miss Prentiss. Her and Reid’s relationship towards each other was so cute and it’s so sad that it’s no longer on the show.

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When I first started watching Criminal Minds I thought Hotch was the hottest on the team. I thought he was the hottest until 3 seasons in, that’s when I started noticing Derek and Spencer.

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I miss Emily like crazy but I love Alex so much after the latest episode.

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Don’t get me wrong, I ship Garcia and Morgan, but I feel like them being together would change the dynamic of the team and the show in a bad way. If they ever get together, I want it to be on the shows final season finale

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Even though Hotch and Haley weren’t married when she died, I still think of Hotch as a widower.

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We already know the origins of the ‘Baby Girl’ thing, but what about ‘Pretty Boy’? I would love to know how that started.

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My favorite episode of Criminal Minds is the one with the cannibal. I love the shock he gives everyone when the preacher says “God’s in all of us” and he goes and says “so is Tracy Lambert”.

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I want to see JJ vulnerable. I want to see her fail. I feel like she always manages to do everything right (family, job, friendships, balancing everything) and it seems unreal.

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Whenever Spencer’s mother is in an episode, all I can see is Sue from Glee.

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Tobias Hankel from the episodes the “Big Game” and “Revelations” from season two, is honestly one of my favorite killers. One of my favorite characters actually despite being only in two episodes. The character was complex and portrayed so well, and the fact that Tobias himself was sweet, and it was only the personalities of his father and Raphael seemed to make him even better to me, and the fact he formed somewhat of a bond with Reid, was the best.

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I kinda hate the way Garcia’s clothes grew darker in S9. She used to be all rainbows and now she just seems colder, like she’s trying to change herself into someone we all know she isn’t.

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