I think it would be hilarious if someone from the team had to interrogate a fangirl for one of the investigations!

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The level of growth shown by JJ and Reid throughout the years has been amazing.

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I wish JJ and Reid would end up together. I think they’re good for each other.

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I don’t like Alex Blake, she is too perfect in my eyes.

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Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds Derek Morgan has almost become a father figure to me. I grew up without a dad and just the way he talks and acts comforts me. I’m not sure why because his character is fiction but it just makes me feel happy and loved.

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 I haven’t been watching Criminal Minds lately so while watching the Criminal Minds marathon I realized Reid has tried to save a lot of the unsubs he relates to. I really want to see an update on Adam/Amanda, Owen Savage, and Nathan Harris.

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I wanted to see what happened right after Maeve got shot. I didn’t want to next scene to be 2 weeks later, and Reid going back to work.

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Criminal Minds is my Dilaudid.

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Whilst re-watching season 1, I realise how much I love and miss Elle.

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My mom was watching one of her soap opera’s (Bold and the Beautiful), when she pointed out that one of the characters, Wyatt, looks a lot like Spencer Reid from “my show”. I immediately googled the actor who plays Wyatt’s name and found that they do look similar. I then developed a fantasy where when Spencer’s father left, he had a baby with another woman, and that’s Reid”s half brother.

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I still love Criminal Minds with all of my heart, don’t get me wrong. I just really wish that the writers hadn’t deviated from the personalities that the characters had near the beginning of the show. Yes, people grow and change, but some of the characters are almost completely different people and it’s upsetting.

The difference from Season 1 to 9 is astronomical.

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I find Garcia’s face when Haley was shot so funny.

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I’ll ship Emily and Spencer till the day I die.

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I want to see an episode in which Spencer is reunited with Lila from season 1.

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I want to see Jeremy from Safe Haven come back.

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