Blake doesn’t need to be part of this ‘family’. Yes, I hope they eventually do accept her as one of their own after a nice background episode, but sometimes people keep their personal and work lives separate, and that’s perfectly okay. Even though Prentiss and Blake are kind of similar, I’m not expecting Blake to fill her shoes.

(And does anybody else think Paget looks a lot like Rachel Berry’s mother?)

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  2. praisethedarkness answered: i think paget looks like reachel berry
  3. undearneath answered: she can’t fill prentiss shoes!i really don’t like her!
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    Hotch keeps work and family separate as best he can, Rossi is secretive with his personal life. Just because Alex does...
  5. outlawqeen answered: No one’s expecting Blake to ‘fill’ her shoes. She’s simply a new addition to the family. And yes, Lea and Paget favor in appearance.
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